• Summer. Laughter. Childish hubbub. Spinning rides. Butterflies in the stomach and the sky. Cheesy pizza and refreshing fizzy drink. What a day! We, LNK Charity Fund, believe there is nothing more beautiful than happy and healthy kids, so we put children from the “Sprīdītis” orphanage on a bus and headed to ride some spinning rides! […]

  • At the European Championship in Italy, Latvian Paralympic javelin thrower Dmitry Silov, supported by LNK Charity Fund, broke his personal record and the European record by 4 meters, throwing a javelin at 54.86 m. His closest runner-up – Russian Paralympic A. Lashchenko was almost 7 meters behind with a throw of 47.97 m. Dmitry has […]

  • Karla is a child with congenital brain damage (microcephaly – hypoplasia of brain parts with psychomotor and emotional developmental delay), which seriously affects the girl’s ability to move and speak. Epilepsy is a side effect, which little Karla fights against. In order to accelerate Karla’s development and improvement in health, the girl visited The Institutes […]

  • Alise is a child with special needs, developmental disorders and a rare genetic Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, which is not yet fully studied, and only 3 cases of such disease were registered in Latvia among children. Musical therapy Tomatis is being used in order to diminish little girl’s mental and physical developmental disability, as well as her serious […]

  • On the 1st of June, on the International Children’s Day, Sprīdītis orphanage celebrated its 15th birthday. It was celebrated properly – with balloons, flowers, congratulations, hugs and laughter! We ate “Skrīveru mājas saldējums” ice-cream and tried to make it ourselves, did colourful hairdos in The Corner of Mad Hairdos, drew fairy-tale characters on our faces […]

  • In order to fulfil the dreams of children and teenagers about Christmas as a holiday full of light, warmth and love, LNK Charity took part in the “Let’s Warm the Hearts!” campaign. Within the campaign a fun, enlightening and active adventure was organised in a curiosity centre “Wonders”, where 200 children and teenagers from social […]

  • The 11th basketball tournament of Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church was held on the 16th of April of this year. Eight teams from all over Latvia, including the team from Balvi, which triumphantly claimed the first place, have participated in the tournament. The uniform of the Balvi team was purchased with the support of LNK Charity, […]

  • Sportlife association unites representatives of biking, triathlon and running sports who are willing to promote the popularity of sports among children and teenagers. In order to facilitate the accessibility of technical and financial resources for children and young people with limited finances, LNK Charity Fund financially supports youth practices with one of the leading XCO […]

  • In order to promote healthy and active lifestyle, as well as to popularize boxing and make it available to any child or teenager, LNK Charity Fund provides support to Latvijas Cimdi boxing club. With the support of LNK Charity Fund, the club’s premises were improved and new mandatory sports equipment was purchased. Funding: EUR 1 […]

  •   Gita is a mother of two children – she raises a four-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son on her own. Both kids are on the waiting list for a place in Riga municipal kindergarten, and because Gita cannot afford a nanny, she had to quit her job and watch the children herself. Jurmala Municipality […]

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