Read about Fund’s main goals, tasks and projects, and about how Julia started managing LNK Charity Fund.

Member of the board of LNK Charity Fund Julia Belkina is nominated for TOYP Latvia award

This year, Member of the board of LNK Charity Fund Julia Belkina got nominated for TOYP Latvia award in category – investment in children, human rights, peace on Earth.

Julia Belkina began to manage LNK Charity Fund, founded by LNK Group, in 2013, providing approximately 200.000 euro worth financial support for people who found themselves in difficult life situation.  The Fund supports various organisations and communities by taking part in projects dedicated to culture, education, sports and public health. Special attention is given to projects dedicated to support children.

Currently, one of the main Fund’s priorities is to support orphanages and low-income families. “I see each situation not as an opportunity to suffer along with someone, but as an opportunity to help. To solve the task as well as I can, and move forward”, emphasizes Julia Belkina.

LNK Group holding company founded LNK Charity Fund in 2010, to unite the effort of holding’s enterprises and their partners in providing the best management of charity projects and ensuring maximum efficiency in implementation of those projects. More about Fund:

This year, 18 wonderful young people – individuals who generate great ideas and successfully implement them, were nominated for TOYP award. In Latvia, charity event TOYP award (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) is organised to educate and involve young people into development of civil society of Latvia, as well as to inspire young people to become successful in their chosen industry, to become better leaders and to create positive changes in society. TOYP award is conferred in one of 10 nomination categories.

More about TOYP 2015 award read here in Latvian: