In order to support the medical staff, who are caring and treating COVID-19 patients, charity foundation run by the LNK Group ensures the implementation of the psychological support programme for the medical staff of the Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases of the Riga East University Hospital – doctors, nurses and nursing assistants.

Holding Company LNK Group started providing psychological support to medical staff of the Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases on 8 April 2020. Medical staff will be able to attend educational lectures and turn to psychologists in order to find an individual solution in complex life and work situations. The psychological support to the medical staff is provided in accordance with a previously elaborated, improved and practically applied stress management programme. Psychologists and psychotherapists work with doctors, nurses and nursing assistants using a variety of professional assistance strategies, in order to strengthen the staff capacity of the in-patient hospital Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases.

LNK Charity Fund support: EUR 752.94