LNK LNK Charity Fund  continues its support programs to help medical professionals to overcome the tremendous amount of work in curbing COVID-19. According to an agreement, 75 000 medical masks will be delivered to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (BKUS) medical staff within the next week.

Each of us in this emergency situation needs to understand how we can support others. Perhaps a quarantined senior, a neighbor, a friend, a fellow person needs help. Of course, without a direct contact.Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are encouraged to continue giving support to those who are currently providing healthcare.

In this difficult situation, LNK Group encourages everyone to follow the recommendations for maximum social distance at work, with friends and at home. Work remotely, if possible. After returning from travelling from work or leisure, comply with the two-week quarantine requirement, avoid in-person contact who should be in quarantine. Most of LNK Group employees are working remotely for the second week. We also encourage other companies to make the most of remote working so that social distancing becomes more commonplace and a daily norm for most of us.
LNK Charity Fund support: 8600.00 EUR