Estere was only one year old, when the family found out about the terrible diagnosis with the name – oncological disease.

Doctors in Latvia did not give much hope for recovery, therefore the Vēveri family searched for medical treatment possibilities abroad of Latvia.

Thanks to one German charity organisation, the support was provided. Estere does not remember the medical treatment period as far as she was too small, but still the never-ending visits to doctors, regular deliveries of tests and examinations seem normal to her as “it has always been like that”. Medical treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgeries, transplantation, medication coma, approximately 140 different types of anaesthesia etc.) have left some consequences that Estere has to cope with still today. She is brave and strong; therefore, she overcomes pain and unpleasant treatments in a heroic manner. Hearing nerves were damaged for Estere as a result of chemotherapy and the diagnosis – double-sided sensory hearing severe degree (IV) hearing loss – was made for her in the age of 6 years.

Nothing can stop Estere to be engaged in her hobby – dancing (she has taken winning positions in the sports dance competitions). Some time ago Estere attended music school, where she learned to play cello. She had tried her ability in luge sports, is regularly training at home, drives a bicycle and wants to try everything that is called “the crazier, the better”. During summers Estere is voluntarily acquiring the golf play during the golf classes provided by the local government, but currently Estere attends swimming and tennis classes at her school.
Although Estere has many additional diagnoses she has to think of on the daily basis, she overcomes difficulties thanks to the support of her family and many nice people and teaches us how much we should enjoy life!

We are pleased that we can also help. Medicinal products and healthy food, advises of nutrition specialists, physiotherapy as well as consultations of a psychologist – that is what Estere currently really needs.

LNK Charity Fund support: EUR 1260.75