With the support of LNK Charity Fund, the dance group of Eilat Support Association participated in the international dance festival Ashdoddance in Israel in the summer of 2018 (31.07-03.08).

The dance group of Eilat Association believes that dance is a special language that unites people because it is understood by everyone regardless of age, origin, gender or culture.  Dancing day and night with the dancers from Israel, Europe, the United States and other countries, dancers of the Eilat group introduced Latvia to the world and proved that Latvian Jewish community has not only the past and the present but also the future.

The spectators, dancers and choreographers of the festival highly appreciated the professionalism and costumes of the Eilat group’s brilliant dancers!

In total, the Eilat dance group gave 6 performances in two Israeli cities – Herzliya and Ashdod as well as participated in countless master classes and dance marathons.

We wish the beautiful dancers of the Eilat dance group to continue dancing and glorify the name of Latvia all over the world!