Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum invite us to enjoy the “Marc Chagall’s Color Music” exhibition by visiting it in a virtual format—http://rgmvirtualtours.lv/.

The exhibition was created by “Shamir” association in collaboration with artist Ance Grincmane. The artist created installations combining the abstract painting style with musical compositions.

The exhibition is based on paintings by the famous Jewish artist Chagall, created under the influence of sacred, traditional, and classical music.

The exhibition’s multimedia format allows you to enjoy both, the visual content of the exhibition and the musical compositions.

Exhibition stands introduce and explain the motifs of the exhibited works, as well as inform about the most famous Latvian Jewish artists.

We are glad that the exhibition, created with our support, was visited by almost 1300 people.

Let’s enjoy Mark Chagall’s music and colors virtually!

Funding of LNK Charity Fund: 2500.00 EUR