• LNK LNK Charity Fund  continues its support programs to help medical professionals to overcome the tremendous amount of work in curbing COVID-19. According to an agreement, 75 000 medical masks will be delivered to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (BKUS) medical staff within the next week. Each of us in this emergency situation needs to […]

  • From March 20, LNK Charity Fund  provides support for the lunch deliveries to the medical staff of the Riga Eastern Clinical University hospital “Latvian Infectology Center” who are currently working under increased workload due to the emergency situation in the country. With the spread of COVID-19, our citizens face new, unprecedented challenges every day. This […]

  • LNK Charity Fund is continuing and expanding its social support program to reduce the impact of COVID-19 by handing over six computers to the students of Dzelzava Elementary School today. The tablet computers were purchased to allow instant and continuous access to the remote learning process to the Dzelzava children who did not have computers at […]

  • LNK Charity Fund together with our dearest friends – children and employees from the City of Jurmala Municipality Institution “Sprīdītis” – visited Science Centre AHHAA, Tartu. Sunny day, nice tailwind, and joy of remarkable experiments, unique planetarium, interesting workshops, and even a theater of chemistry experiments. Three hours at the Science Centre simply flew by! […]

  • We are pleased that we can help to those, who really need it. We would like to introduce you with Kristofers! Kristofers is a real super hero, who has suffered from oncological disease, stroke and for some time has completely lost his vision. However, currently his tests are “clean”, also the vision is gradually recovering […]

  • Estere was only one year old, when the family found out about the terrible diagnosis with the name – oncological disease. Doctors in Latvia did not give much hope for recovery, therefore the Vēveri family searched for medical treatment possibilities abroad of Latvia. Thanks to one German charity organisation, the support was provided. Estere does […]

  • From April 8 to April 20, the personal exhibition of Dimitri Lavrentiev will be open to public in the art gallery Museum LV of the cultural center Grata JJ, with the support of LNK Charity Fund. The exhibition “Time of Balance” looks back at what has been achieved and introduces visitors with the artist’s works […]

  • With the support of LNK Charity Fund, the dance group of Eilat Support Association participated in the international dance festival Ashdoddance in Israel in the summer of 2018 (31.07-03.08). The dance group of Eilat Association believes that dance is a special language that unites people because it is understood by everyone regardless of age, origin, […]

  • Smaids Support Centre for disabled children and youth is very happy! With LNK Charity Fund funding, the Centre has made several improvements so that anyone who wants to get to the Centre can do it and feel safe and enjoy themselves there. Children can take part in classes and activities that allow them to improve […]

  • We have received lots of positive emotions from children who participated in the football and integration camp International adventure camp Labadaba. Thank you. We are very glad that this camp has already become the biggest event of the year. Children are very excited about the experience and the opportunity to play with excellent coaches, among […]

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