When Dmitry was a child, he fell out of his bed, which led to the paralysis on the right side of his body. Despite his disability, Dmitry was engaged in athletics and hoped to make it to the Paralympics, which he eventually did. Initially, Dmitry was engaged in long jump, but under the guidance of coach Inara Aprane he decided to try javelin throwing, which resulted in several awards, including the title of World vice-champion acquired in Lyon, France, in 2013.
This summer the World Championship (IPC World Championships ParaAthletics 2017) will take place in London. During the championship, a special aluminium javelin for competitions – Nemeth Classic (80m 2200mm 600g) – will be used. In order to improve Dmitry‘s practice process and maximise the its similarity to the actual competition, with the support of the LNK Charity Fund, this competition javelin was purchased for Dmitry. LNK Charity Fund hopes that this javelin will bring Dmitry a good luck and new accomplishments, as well as another medal for Latvia!