The artist Viktorija Matisone has graduated from the Janis Rozentals Art High School of Riga, the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (Master’s Degree, Book Graphics) since 1993 is working in the field of the book design.
The Fairy-tale about the King Kefir, Pretzelland and Buns was written in 2004, and the work on illustrations was started in 2013.
We are glad to announce that the LNK Charity Fund supports the publishing of this book!
Viktorija Matisone has written several fairy-tales but this is her first self-illustrated author’s book, and it can become a literary and art treasure of Latvia.
Very soon this fairy-tale book will be available in the libraries but even better news is that more than 150 children from various orphanages will get it free of charge due to support of LNK Charity Fund!

Funding of LNK Charity Fund in the amount of EUR 2,000