There is nothing more important than children’s health, for this reason the LNK Charity Fund was unable to stay aside and provided support to the family, which has two children with disabilities.
Boy is a 16-year-old with a moderately severe mental subnormality, speech pathologies, atopic dermatitis, scoliosis and significant behavioural changes that require constant monitoring of the child.
He’s sister (4-year-old) has Down’s syndrome and a significant developmental delay.
With the help of the charity fund, the children went to the NEMO dolphinarium (Minsk, Belarus), where they received a week-long dolphin therapy by swimming with dolphins in order to promote general improvement of the children’s state of health and development of their speech skills. We very much hope that children health will improve, and we wish the family resilience, strength and faith!
LNK Charity Fund’s financing: EUR 860