Deniza is a hyperactive five-year-old girl, who has not learned how to speak yet and is not always able to understand what is being said to her. That is why it is hard for her to do all the things she is asked to do. The girl is showing some signs of the Autism Spectrum Disorder and has speech development problems.
With the support of the LNK Charity Fund Deniza will travel to Saint-Petersburg, where in the Scientific Practical Psychophysiology Centre / N.P. Bahtereva Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences she will undergo a course of transcranial micro-polarisation (the doctor has advised 6 sessions, 3 sessions per week).
Transcranial micro-polarisation will stimulate active processes of the brain and its development by affecting areas of the brain responsible for speech perception and development of active speaking skills. As a result, her speech perception will significantly increase (understanding of what other people say) and her active speaking skills will start to develop (her speech will develop).
LNK Charity Fund will finance airplane tickets, visa, hotel accommodation and rehabilitation costs amounting to EUR 1000.