Mareks Odumiņš is a 28-year-young guy. He experienced an unfortunate jump ending with a fracture of three cervical vertebrae: as a result, he is paralysed. Mareks is only able to move his facial muscles. Thanks to Mareks’ own persistence and optimism, his talent revealed itself – he is able to paint while holding the brush in his mouth. The paintings created by Mareks are unsurpassed, and it would indeed be a big mistake to overlook them and not to show them to public. Therefore, supported by the LNK Charity Fund, on the afternoon of 17 May, Mareks Odumiņš’ solo exhibition/auction was opened in Andrejsala. The visitors had the possibility to admire the gorgeous artwork, meet the artist in person, and also to buy the paintings. The funds raised via the auction will enable Mareks to receive rehabilitation in Haapsalu (Estonia).
LNK Charity Fund support: EUR 1,500.