Please meet Deniza Emine. She is five years young and has signs of autism spectrum and speech development disorders. A few months ago, with the support of the LNK Charity Fund, the girl went to Saint Petersburg, where she completed a transcranial brain micropolarisation course (bioacoustic brain correction), which stimulates the active processes and development of the brain, affects those sections of the brain, which are responsible for speech perception and the development of active speech skills. After this course, Deniza’s behaviour improved, hyperactivity decreased, speech perception improved, and now the girl is able to understand what people around her are talking. Little by little, the girl is trying to pronounce syllables and words herself as well. In order to aid the already achieved results and to further stimulate the development of speech and language, with the support of the charity fund, Deniza will visit a course of a certified speech therapist/pathologist. We wish Deniza patience, health and joy; You will make it!
LNK Charity Fund financing: EUR 600.