We visit the orphanage Sprīdītis quite often, but the Christmas celebration is the most vivid and fun event! Kids have written their wishes to Santa Claus and he did not disappoint them and brought the most cherished gifts from the far North! Now we have our own floorball team and an army of young racers who control their little cars with remote controls! However, these holiday emotions cannot be compared with the great joy of this year’s accomplishments: 9 children have found their families! We have put a lot of effort so that the kids could do sports and would be actively engaged in learning English starting from September. Next year we plan to participate in the program of children’s integration into their families (90% of children have their own parents) and to provide the orphanage with the Internet so that it would be possible to teach kids to use computers. If you want to support our initiative, please contact me via julija.belkina@lnk.lv! Happy Holidays!