Maija has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. It means that the body cannot distinguish between its own cells and foreign cells, therefore attacking its own. In the event of disease, the attack is directed at the myelin sheath which protects several nerve cells (demyelination). The human immune system itself attacks the myelin sheath, which acts as a protector, covering nerve cells. Nerve signal movement is distorted as a result of the attack; it may even possibly be fully stopped. In some cases the nerve fibres may also be damaged.
Medication does not help Maija at this stage of disease, as she did not start using it during the initial stage of the disease thirty years ago; so now rehabilitation is absolutely essential, helping to strengthen the body both physically and morally.
In the summer of 2015, Maija, with the support of the charity foundation LNK Charity Fund, underwent a rehabilitation course which greatly improved her psycho-emotional and physical condition. Also in 2016, an opportunity was provided with the assistance of sponsors to visit a 10-day rehabilitation course at “Sanare KRC Jaunķemeri”, which significantly improved Maija’s psycho-emotional condition and physical capabilities.
She still needs the assistance of another person as she is not able to do everything on her own. Maija moves around the premises by means of a rollator, while she uses a wheelchair outside her house. Maija is a fighter – she literally gets up and falls down. The LNK Charity Fund is also providing financial support for Maija this summer to be able to undergo a special treatment programme in the “Sanare – KRC Jaunķemeri” rehabilitation centre.
Funding provided by LNK Charity Fund: EUR 490

LNK Charity Fund finansējums: 490 EUR