• “Latvijas Cimdi” is the biggest boxing club in Riga, where sportsmen of various ages (boys, girls and adults) train, both as amateurs and professionals. Sportsmen, whose age is over fifty, maintain their physical shape in the Gentlemen’s club. Particular attention is paid to proper boxing and protection techniques. The main feature of the club is […]

  • Dmitry Silov is disabled since birth. In Paralympic Games in London Dmitry won the 9th place in the long jump. In the 2014 European Championship in Wales he both won the gold medal in the javelin throwing and set up his own personal record – 47.32 m. In turn, in the 2013 World Championships in […]

  • The project: “Support of “Caramba Riga” Football club” is aimed at covering the expenses involved in the organization of training process – rent of the stadium for training purposes and home games, as well as purchasing of training equipment (balls, capes, counters) Amount of funding: 2000 euro.

  • The project: “Street Gymnastics for Children’s Home” – purchase of equipment and providing a certified trainer. Amount of funding: EUR 3000

  • The project: support the preparation for competitions (acquirement of uniforms, participation in training camps and competitions) Amount of funding: LVL 5 000.

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