• Dmitrijs Silovs, a holder of multiple titles as a Paralympic athlete, has just returned from a training camp in Spain where he tried out the new javelin procured by the LNK Charity Fund. Dmitrijs was accompanied to the training camp by another javelin thrower, Guntis Kļaviņš, who also was sponsored from the charity fund. Guntis, […]

  • With the support of the LNK Charity Fund the recognized athlete Kitija Paula Melbarde was able to attend a 15-day training camp in Valmiera at the Janis Dalins Stadium and covered sports arena. A preparation for the upcoming World U-18 Athletics Championship in Kenya, Neirobi in July took place during the training camp. The LNK […]

  • When Dmitry was a child, he fell out of his bed, which led to the paralysis on the right side of his body. Despite his disability, Dmitry was engaged in athletics and hoped to make it to the Paralympics, which he eventually did. Initially, Dmitry was engaged in long jump, but under the guidance of […]

  • At the European Championship in Italy, Latvian Paralympic javelin thrower Dmitry Silov, supported by LNK Charity Fund, broke his personal record and the European record by 4 meters, throwing a javelin at 54.86 m. His closest runner-up – Russian Paralympic A. Lashchenko was almost 7 meters behind with a throw of 47.97 m. Dmitry has […]

  • The 11th basketball tournament of Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church was held on the 16th of April of this year. Eight teams from all over Latvia, including the team from Balvi, which triumphantly claimed the first place, have participated in the tournament. The uniform of the Balvi team was purchased with the support of LNK Charity, […]

  • Sportlife association unites representatives of biking, triathlon and running sports who are willing to promote the popularity of sports among children and teenagers. In order to facilitate the accessibility of technical and financial resources for children and young people with limited finances, LNK Charity Fund financially supports youth practices with one of the leading XCO […]

  • The development of sports plays an important role in formation of a healthy and athletic society. Therefore, LNK Charity Fund supports the champions of the 2nd league of Latvia FC Caramba Riga in the new 2015 winter season. With our support, the football club shall be provided with training equipment and shall be able to […]

  • Promoting healthy and athletic lifestyle and popularizing boxing among youth, LNK Charity Fund gives support to “Latvijas Cimdi” boxing club. The biggest boxing club in Riga is a popular training place among representatives of different ages and sexes, and even people with disabilities. To them boxing is similar to a fitness workout – it helps […]

  • The Gran Prix championship in athletics will take place from 12th to 15th of June in the Italian city of Grosseto, in which two of the best Latvian athletes – Guntars Skrabis (disc and javelin) and Andrejs Filipavics (disc, shot and javelin) together with the coach Inars Aperans – will participate with the support of […]

  • This project is aimed at popularisation of cycling, triathlon and running among young people and also at provision of technical and financial help. Professionals, organisations, trainers and nutrition specialists are willing to create good conditions for trainings and encourage active and healthy lifestyle. Within the framework of the project, the trainings with one of the […]

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