• LNK Charity Fund supported the project “Health insurance policies for Riga Hebrew society social centre’s clients” in terms of which 50 low-income Latvian pensioners received health insurance policies for 2015, which will allow them to receive medical services at reasonable prices. This will improve their state of health and quality of life. Funding sum: EUR […]

  • Karla was born on 36th week of planned pregnancy. Doctors’ prognosis – the child had only three days to live – has shocked young parents. On the second day after her birth Karla got inflammation of the lungs; the little girl was kept in an artificial coma to let her brain recover faster. Prognoses of […]

  • Latvian specialists were not able to find out the reason of little Maximilian’s muscle weakness, that is why the boy had to travel to a clinic in Barcelona, where his accurate diagnosis was established. His trip was organized owing to collected donations and financial aid of LNK Charity Fund, in the total amount of 4 […]

  • Maximilian was born healthy, but at the age of six months a severe disease occurred, after which he dropped the weight, lost his appetite and began to suffer from muscle weakness. Today Maximilian is year and six month old and he weighs 7.5 kg (normal weight at this age is 12 kg). The boy has […]

  • The project: “Irina Shapiro rehabilitation” is aimed on covering expenses for the rehabilitation in “Jantarnij bereg” sanatorium for “Latvijas Tilti” employee’s widow. Amount of funding: EUR 350

  • The project: “Support of Reittherapy in Latvia” is aimed at covering the expenses involved in the purchasing and transportation of two horses that are intended to be used in Reittheraphy practice – a horse riding treatment method that is applied for medical, psychological and social rehabilitation in a number of serious diagnoses (diseases of central […]

  • The project: Covering the “Dzintari” clinic rehabilitation and psychological counselling expenses for the Bogomaz family after the tragic fire in which parents have lost their children. Amount of funding: LVL 500.

  • The project: “Helping Daniil Babich” is aimed to cover 9-year-old Daniil Babich’s treatment expenses. Daniel was diagnosed with “juvenile idiopathic arthritis” and allergy, and he requires a course of treatment in Germany. Amount of funding: EUR 8 000.

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