• The project: Children ethnic integration “Meet Your Native Land” with the aim of organizing a summer camp for children with special needs. Amount of funding: LVL 1 025.

  • The project: “From Rigans to country children” with the aim of organizing a trip to the zoo and a children’s concert for 150 kids from low-income families living in the countryside. Amount of funding: LVL 1 050.

  • The project: “Helping Daniil Babich” is aimed to cover 9-year-old Daniil Babich’s treatment expenses. Daniel was diagnosed with “juvenile idiopathic arthritis” and allergy, and he requires a course of treatment in Germany. Amount of funding: EUR 8 000.

  • The project: Participation in the Folk Dance Festival in Italy with the aim of cultural exchange. Amount of funding: LVL 850.

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