• LNK Charity Fund provides support for Alise and her family. Together, we drew up a rehabilitation program and chose the Portage development centre. Alise is a child with special needs, developmental disorders and a complex diagnosis. The girl has a rare genetic Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, which is not yet fully studied and only 3 […]

  • LNK Charity Fund sponsored soft furniture purchase for children’s social centre “Pļavnieki”. The sofa was necessary for a group of children, where severely intellectually and mentally disabled children reside permanently. Children of this group are in a very serious condition and the purchase of the sofa will help care workers to look after the children. […]

  • In collaboration with Herman Braun Foundation LNK Charity Fund supports AVANTI Festival master classes of young and bright artists for orphanage “Sprīdītis” students. This year four master classes will took place in the orphanage “Sprīdītis” with the participation of young and talented musicians. Already in March, the Great Music Award prizewinner in the category “New […]

  • LNK Charity Fund gave a Christmas feeling to 120 children aged 5 to 14 from rural areas of Latgale and Vidzeme. These children come from needy families, boarding schools and orphanages. The main goal of the project was to create a holiday atmosphere for children, which they have never felt, inducing positive emotions, motivating to […]

  • We visit the orphanage Sprīdītis quite often, but the Christmas celebration is the most vivid and fun event! Kids have written their wishes to Santa Claus and he did not disappoint them and brought the most cherished gifts from the far North! Now we have our own floorball team and an army of young racers […]

  • Latvian specialists were not able to find out the reason of little Maximilian’s muscle weakness, that is why the boy had to travel to a clinic in Barcelona, where his accurate diagnosis was established. His trip was organized owing to collected donations and financial aid of LNK Charity Fund, in the total amount of 4 […]

  • Maximilian was born healthy, but at the age of six months a severe disease occurred, after which he dropped the weight, lost his appetite and began to suffer from muscle weakness. Today Maximilian is year and six month old and he weighs 7.5 kg (normal weight at this age is 12 kg). The boy has […]

  • In collaboration with the charity organisation “Healing By Love”, a holiday was organised in orphanage “Kalkūni” in Daugavpils. A theatre play and dancing were staged during the holiday; children were actively involved in games and creative workshops – kids were cutting, gluing, drawing, moulding, painting, tasting treats, laughing, running and simply having fun! Candyfloss and […]

  • Under the project “Support to social care and rehabilitation centre “Sprīdītis”, with the help of Charity Fund, a new aquarium for fishes in an orphanage was bought. Kids love the new home for fishes; their emotions are displayed in a letter, written by “Sprīdītis” deputy director.

  • The project: “Street Gymnastics for Children’s Home” – purchase of equipment and providing a certified trainer. Amount of funding: EUR 3000

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