• There is nothing more important than children’s health, for this reason the LNK Charity Fund was unable to stay aside and provided support to the family, which has two children with disabilities. Boy is a 16-year-old with a moderately severe mental subnormality, speech pathologies, atopic dermatitis, scoliosis and significant behavioural changes that require constant monitoring […]

  • What is a summer without the sea? Even if there are clouds and strong wind outside, it is necessary to go for a swim! We, LNK Charity Fund, have decided to fulfil the dream of kids and youth of Latgale branch of the State Social Care Centre Kalkuni to go for a swim in the […]

  • The artist Viktorija Matisone has graduated from the Janis Rozentals Art High School of Riga, the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (Master’s Degree, Book Graphics) since 1993 is working in the field of the book design. The Fairy-tale about the King Kefir, Pretzelland and Buns was written in 2004, and the work on illustrations […]

  • State Social Care Centre’s Latgale branch Kalkūni provides 24-hour care, dwelling, social rehabilitation, as well as facilitates the reunion of a child and family or the acquisition of a new family for orphans and children left without parental care, children with severe mental and physical disabilities, disabled people with severe mental disorders, as well as […]

  • Please meet Deniza Emine. She is five years young and has signs of autism spectrum and speech development disorders. A few months ago, with the support of the LNK Charity Fund, the girl went to Saint Petersburg, where she completed a transcranial brain micropolarisation course (bioacoustic brain correction), which stimulates the active processes and development […]

  • Deniza is a hyperactive five-year-old girl, who has not learned how to speak yet and is not always able to understand what is being said to her. That is why it is hard for her to do all the things she is asked to do. The girl is showing some signs of the Autism Spectrum […]

  • There is no Christmas without children’s laughter, mountains of candy and gifts! For this reason, the LNK Charity Fund together with the football club RFS climbed the bus and went to visit the Jurmala Children’s Municipality Establishment Sprīdītis. When the bus arrived at the orphanage, the kids were already waiting at the windows, because they […]

  • Fifty-eight children and adolescents aged up to 18 years, as well as eighty people over the age of 18 years, whose level of development is not higher than the level of teenagers, live in the orphanage Kalkūni. With the support of the LNK Charity Fund, on the 28th of December, the children of the Kalkūni […]

  • Being active promotes both physical and spiritual development in any age, and especially in young age. With the support of LNK Charity Fund, sports classes at the “Sprīdītis” orphanage are carried out every Saturday under the supervision of professional coach. During those classes, children develop their strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility and other physical abilities. […]

  • Twenty children from low-income families at the age from 10 to 18 years have participated in the children’s creative integration camp Latvian creative woodworks. During the camp, the children are taught Latvian woodworking. Cooking art was chosen as the main activity, as well as learning various types of rural labour – gardening and agriculture, which […]

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